Producing Church Services with vMix

Enhance the reach of your ministry through professional and affordable productions with vMix.

Stream your service to everyone!

By streaming your service, you allow those that are unable to attend to view the service in it's entirety. People may be unable to leave the house or may be away so streaming the service allows them to watch in real time. Most streaming providers will also offer an archiving service that allows you to view the stream at a later time.

Create a great live experience for your congregation

Firstly it can enhance the experience of those in attendance by using large screens to display the vMix output. This means you can have a worship leader, minister, scripture, video and announcements all on the screen throughout the service. It's a great way to display information to the congregation and help those further from the front to get a better view.

Record all of your services and events

By recording the service you can edit it down and then post it on a website or hand out to members on a CD or USB Flash Drive. If someone has missed the service then this is a great way to catch up.

vMix in Action

vMix in use at Covenant Church, Washington State

Covenant Church uses vMix in quite a unique way for their services. Not only do they use vMix for their services but they have 2 campuses that are linked each week and the service from the main campus is streamed live to the secondary campus via vMix!

Convenant Church

Covenant Church

Covenant Church currently uses vMix to produce their Church services and have done so for the past 3 years. They have a multi-camera production that is mixed with vMix and then displayed on large screens for the congregation. Covenant Church utilises ProPresenter for their lower thirds and Scriptures that are chroma-keyed and displayed through vMix. One thing that sets their Church apart is that they connect both of their Church campuses via a stream from vMix. The satellite campus takes the sermon stream from the main campus and displays it on their large congregation screens.

The Setup

For their main service production, the Church uses 3 cameras that are injested by their vMix computer in the control booth. A Sony HDR-CX900 and Canon VIXIA HF R20 are used as the main shots and a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition provides a unique perspective from the Drum Kit! These feeds are captured by a Yuan High-Tech SC510N2-L and 2 Black Magic Design DeckLink MiniRecorders. The audio for the production is brought in through a Behringer x32 device. A secondary computer is used for ProPresenter which outputs to some screens in the Church and to the vMix production.

Convenant Church Setup

Their main production is then live streamed in full HD to their secondary location using the Cloud Media Group streaming. This allows them to have both Churches see the same sermon at the same time.

The Verdict

vMix provides an affordable and robust solution for Covenant Church's Sunday sermons. They are able to use vMix to provide a seemless production to their congregation each week. Here is what Pastor Seth had to say about vMix, "vMix is so incredibly powerful and versatile that it allows us to accomplish all of our video switching, lower thirds, video archive and live streaming all on one machine. Every time our productions have changed, vMix had already possessed the features needed to accomplish our goals. Our vMix workstation is by far the most powerful and critical piece of equipment in our media department."