Thank you for your interest in vMix. Our brand represents trust in the streaming software industry. To maintain the integrity and reputation of our brand, we've established these guidelines to clarify the appropriate and inappropriate uses of our registered trademark.

vMix is a registered trademark of StudioCoast Pty Ltd.

1. General Use

The vMix trademark should not be used in product titles, domain names, app names, group and page names on any social media platforms (such as Facebook) without prior written approval from StudioCoast Pty Ltd directly.

Examples of Inappropriate Use:

  • vMix Pro Control App
  • vMix User Group on Facebook
  • vMix Elite Software Suite

Examples of Appropriate Use:

  • John's Software – Works with vMix
  • (with a mention of vMix in the content)
  • Streaming Software Enthusiasts Group (with a reference to vMix in the group description)

2. Descriptive Use

Referring to our trademark in a description is permitted. However, the description should not imply that vMix supports, endorses, or is in any way affiliated with the product, unless there's a formal agreement in place.


  • "Our software is compatible with vMix."
  • "Designed for those familiar with vMix."


  • "vMix recommends our software."
  • "The official partner of vMix."

3. Visual Representation

When using the vMix logo or name:

  • The vMix name must always be used with a lower case v and upper case M. For example, do not use Vmix, v-Mix or VMix, or any derivatives thereof.
  • Never use the vMix Logo or name in part or in whole for the product's, service's or organisation's logo or branding.
  • Do not alter, modify, or change the logo in any way.
  • Ensure clear space around the logo, free from text and other visual elements.
  • Use only the official logos available from our Logos page.

4. Requests for Use

If you wish to use the vMix trademark in a manner that requires approval (as outlined above), please submit a detailed request via our Contact Us page and include the following:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Proposed use of the trademark
  • Context in which the trademark will appear
  • Any visuals or mock-ups, if available

5. Reporting Concerns

If you come across any instances that might not align with our brand guidelines related to the vMix trademark, please inform our team via the Contact Us page. We appreciate the community's support in maintaining the integrity of our brand.


vMix values its reputation and brand identity. By adhering to these guidelines, you help us maintain the quality and trust associated with our name. We reserve the right to address any unauthorised or misleading use of the vMix trademark.

For any further questions or clarifications, please Contact Us.