GT Designer

Create professional looking titles with GT Designer

  • GT DESIGNER STANDARD - Included in vMix Basic HD and vMix HD
    Create your own custom titles, lower thirds and graphic templates. Incorporate different elements including text styling, shapes, images, image sequences and tickers.
  • GT DESIGNER ADVANCED - Included in vMix 4K, vMix Pro and vMix Max
    Along with all the inclusions of GT Designer Standard, GT Designer Advanced allows you to add animation/transition effects to all objects and layers. It also supports the ability to import your own PSD files and convert any text elements into data driven objects.

Combine your elements

  • Use the drawing board to place your elements including shapes, images and text. Apply effects, style and colour your objects. Add additional elements including Tickers, Image Sequences and QR Codes.

Integrate into your production

  • Titles can be used for all production scenarios. Including integration with vMix Social for social media chat and comments. Automate transition effects with data source triggers. Change title styling on the fly with shortcuts or via the title editor menu. Including the ability to change the colour of any shape.

Easily link to Data Sources

  • Easily link any text element to data sources such as Excel, Google Sheets, XML, JSON and more. Add animation effects to any element each time the data changes.

Download Free Trial

The free trial of the vMix live production software includes a fully functional 60 day trial of GT Title Designer, including support for animation effects and PSD imports.

vMix GT Designer
vMix GT Designer

Download the trial by visiting the Downloads page at the link below:

Visit download page

vMix GT Designer Demo Video

See the basics of GT Designer in the below YouTube video.