vMix Replay

8 Camera Slow Motion Instant Replay

  • Enhance your live sports productions with the power of instant replay! vMix Replay continuously records up to eight cameras simultaneously in full HD so operators can review the action and jump back to any point in the game all with real time control over camera angle and playback speed. 2 channel playback is also included with the ability to show audiences two camera angles side by side or in almost any arrangement you can think of.

Capture events with the click of a button

  • Create events on the fly with the traditional Mark In a Mark Out buttons or use the time saving 5, 10 and 20 second button presets. If a goal is missed, no problem! Simply drag the position slider back in time to any moment in the game to create a new event. Tags can be added to any event with the click of a button and each event can be moved to one of four events categories.

Create highlight reels with music quickly and easily

  • Keep the audience engaged at half-time with easy highlight reel creation. Simply select one or more events and click Play Events to watch all the action unfold with built in transitions and optional background music.

Control all the action with JLCooper, X-keys, MIDI and more!

  • vMix Replay works with an extensive array of control options, such as JLCooper, Contour Design, X-Keys and more! Controllers with jog wheels and T-bars allow fine control over slow motion, while buttons can be customised to control almost any replay action through shortcuts. See some example replay controllers on our Controllers page.

Download Free Trial

The free 60 day trial of vMix live production software is fully functional. It includes vMix Replay and support for eight camera replay.

vMix Replay
vMix Replay

Download the trial by visiting the Downloads page at the link below:

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vMix Replay Demo Video

See the features of vMix Replay in the below YouTube video.