vMix is feature rich live production software that allows you to record and stream professional productions all from a single PC or Laptop.
vMix supports SD, HD and 4K productions.

System requirements can be found on the Supported Hardware page on our web site.


Below is an overview of the features available in vMix. This User Guide will provide you with some in depth knowledge
of each of these features and enable you to create the best possible production in the least amount of time!


Input Sources

Live Video Mixing Effects

  • Cross Fade
  • Cut
  • 3D Zoom
  • Slide Effect
  • Wipe Effect
  • Cube Effect
  • FlyRotate Effect
  • Fly Effect
  • CrossZoom Effect
  • Merge Effect
  • Colour Keying and Chroma Keying with Auto Green or Blue Screen
  • Stinger Transitions

Live Video Filters

  • Colour Correction
  • Black/White Level Adjustments
  • Colour Keying and Chroma Keying (Blue or Green screen)
  • Luma Key
  • Key and Fill sources
  • Deinterlacing and Sharpen
  • Zoom, Rotate, Pan and Crop

Web/Tablet Interface

  • Customisable grid of buttons for easy touch screen control of vMix
  • Edit titles via any Smart Phone
  • Turn any Smart Phone into a Tally Light

Layer Designer

  • Combine eleven (11) inputs (1 background and 10 foreground) to create layouts in many configurations including split-screen and picture-in-picture.


  • Overlay any Input with alpha channel transparency as either a full overlay or PIP (Picture In Picture)
  • Four Overlay Inputs supported at a time in 4K, HD and SD Editions


  • Automate playback of multiple inputs with the PlayList feature
  • Set start time, duration and transition effect for each item in the PlayList


  • Output 4 formats simultaneously (Screen, Recording, External Output, Streaming)
  • Default output to secondary computer display or projector
  • Output to web sites such as Facebook and YouTube Live
  • Output over NDI - Network Device Interface to other devices on the same network
  • Output over SRT - Secure Reliable Transport to other devices over the internet or local network.
  • Optional output to compatible rendering device such as from AJA, BlueFish and Blackmagic Design
  • Output to streaming applications such as the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder and Skype

Live Streaming

  • Built in RTMP live streaming to three providers simultaneously such as  Facebook,  YouTube Live and more.


  • Live Recording in MP4 in SD, HD or 4K.
  • Live Recording in up to 4K in vMix AVI format.
  • Live Recording or Streaming in Windows Media format.
  • Live Recording in FFMPEG to a number of formats including MPEG-2, MP4 and VC-3

MultiCorder (4K and Pro Editions)

  • Record the raw output from multiple capture inputs simultaneously to AVI, MKV, MP4, FFMPEG or MPEG-2.

Instant Replay (4K and Pro Editions)


  • Full Audio Mixer for each input with configurable Master Audio Meter.
  • Audio can be included with Video Recording using any available audio capture sources.
  • vMix Audio device available for easy audio recording with 3rd party applications
  • Up to eight independent Audio Mixes can be created and sent out to Windows and ASIO compatible devices
  • Support for multi-channel audio inputs from ASIO devices
  • Supports VST3 audio plugins for flexible audio processing across all audio sources and output buses.

PTZ - Pan Tilt Zoom camera control

Video Call / Remote Guests

  • vMix Call allows you to add remote guests to your vMix production with high quality audio and up to HD video.


  • vMix introduces approximately 2 frames of delay between input and output. This is similar in performance to standard HD switchers. Other factors that will influence delay include delays in video cameras and video capture hardware and delays causing by video scaling of the output (such as by a projector)

Shortcuts and Macros

  • Custom shortcuts to do everything from transitions to changing Title text
  • An unlimited number of functions can be assigned to Keyboard, MIDI, Control Surface, X-Keys and ShuttlePROv2 buttons, faders and knobs.


  • Setup lights and faders in MIDI and X-Keys controllers to respond to changes in vMix

Scripting (4K and Pro Editions)

  • Create advanced code in VB.NET and assign it to a Shortcut

Data Sources


  • Support for multiple translations such as Spanish and Korean from Google Translate